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Virgin Island experience?

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New traveler here, looking into first assignment, Am a pediatric nurse and jobs seem to be fairly limited. Has anyone gone to Virgin Islands, specifically St. Thomas (as traveller)? And if so what was experience like?


I am going there in July. My orientation starts the 14 of July. I have spoken to others who are there and they love it, it is a " differnet" world, but the islands are a great trade off. They all say GO you will LOVE it, so I am going.

SandBetweenMyToes, BSN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

Dear Home 3242...how is it going in St. Thomas? Would love to hear the pros and cons and tips and tricks. Thanks!:yeah:

I was in St. Croix. The islands and beaches are beautiful, but the health care is way below US standards (funny, since they are officially part of the US and JCAHO accredited). I was grinding my teeth in my sleep after being there 3 weeks, which I had never done and have never done since. There is also quite a bit of crime on St. Thomas and St. Croix. I was in the emergency department so I saw a lot of it.

That said I am glad that I went - I know now to always have travel insurance that covers air ambulance whenever I am off the continental US.

I have applied with Trustaff and Worldwide and I am waiting to hear back on either St. Thomas or St. Croix. I would be working ER. Can you give me an idea of the hospital you were at? How many beds? What type of patients, acuity, etc.? Thanks. I know its been a few years but any info would be nice...

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