violence in the ED

Specialties Emergency


I was recently assaulted by an inebriate. I attempted to initiate a peripheral IV access. Earlier another RN, tried and failed. I identified his non dominant hand and myself. As I was moving a blanky to place the tourniquet, I noticed an object quickly zooming for my noggin. Sure enough bong, and a noise. My hand hurts, and there is a formed aluminum object hitting the floor. So that's what hit me. I left the room. I called the police, and pressed charges. It is a felony in Minnesota. I finished that shift and the next night. I was seen unofficially by a MD. He suggested going to employee health. I went to my closer HMO. There a MD ordered x-rays and sent me home with a return to work slip. Two days later, after a radiologist reviewed the X-rays and spotted a fracture, another X-ray was taken. A spica splint was then placed. All on my own time. I missed two weeks of work. I am now waiting for reimbursement from workmen's compensation. The non union facility where I work also allows agency RNs great schedules and guaranteed contracts. The nurse council allows that because we are 2.0 FTEs short and are worried about shifts being filled. When the police called 4 days after the incident, I asked why so many drunks were being brought to the ED. The detoxes were full on this full moon week end Friday night. The ED, is the repository here in this geographic area, according to the police. I expect little from the pending court case, and little change at the facility where I work. Week end nights are going to be fun, on a regular basis. I might think about wearing a helmet. No respect, tennis, golf for me, thanks. Ambushed regularly CIAO

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