Videotaping Nursing Skills: How do you accomplish this in your nursing program?


Hi colleagues:

I teach a first semester nursing skills course. We are a bit in the dark ages because we (my colleagues and I) watch our nursing students perform skills in they are "checked off" and as part of their grade.

This process is quite time consuming, but also nerve wracking for the students.

I know many programs send students to the lab to be videotaped performing a skill...and the teacher views the videotape later or remotely, and provides feedback.

We are interested in doing something like this.

What are your logistics for organizing this? Do students have an appointment? Do you give them a one week window to complete the videotape? What is something goes wrong with the technology?

Thanks for any advice. We'd like to pilot this project in the spring. I wanted to hear from the experts!

Specializes in Medical/Surgical/Telemetry RN. Has 4 years experience.

We used our computer cameras to videotape the assessment skills over and over and over again. If your students have a mac computer you can use photo booth to tape your videos and then convert them to an mp4. We were given a week deadline to finish the videos. So my friends and I would practice day and night in the skills lab making sure our head to toe assessments were on point. It helps because students can help each other if they missed an assessment piece. It is actually less stressful so it helped me retain more while assessing a patient in the hopsital. Hope this helps.