VENT: nursing teaching assistants


Hi I just need to vent about a grade that my nursing teaching assistant (TA) gave out. It isn't a horrible mark, but compared to the rest of the classes mark, it is. It is actually in par with my group. Our TA was so hard on us and never explained how to get a good mark in the class, till the end when there was no time to make it up. We thought we knew, seeing as its pretty much the same in all classes, but no not for her. We even wrote a professional letter to the head professor for the course but our marks didn't change. Its not fair for some groups to get perfect with little effort, and for our group to get these marks even though we worked our butts off. I am really hoping that it gets changed as this is a hard course and this was suppose to bring up my mark. Anyways, thanks for letting me vent.

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