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Hello to everyone! This forum has been a great resource so far so I thought I'd throw out a call for advice. I am very excited that I was acceptd to both VCU and GMU's accelerated nursing programs but now I have a tough decision to make. The environment at VCU is wonderful and seems very supportive but it would be a much greater expense with moving, tuition, and covering cost of living for a longer program. George Mason would be great in that I wouldn't have to move and it would be less expensive and a faster program. My main concern is that I'm extremely interested in VCU's CRNA program and am wondering if going there for undergrad would help me at all when it comes time to applying to the CRNA program? Or should I just choose the cheaper/faster option and hopefully gain valuable experience here in the NOVA/DC area? Thank you in advance for any help!

I would guess that graduating from GMU would still hold high regard with VCU if you went back to their CRNA program. I would bet that even more importantly would be the level of experience you gain after your BSN in critical care. Good luck on your decision I wish I would have considered GMU when I was doing my applications.

Thank you for your insight! You may want to consider George Washington University in Ashburn, Virginia since they have Accelerated BSNs that start in the Spring as well if you don't want to wait for the Fall 2016 cycle. Good luck!

Hi, I was in the same boat as you 1 year ago. I was accepted to both programs and ended up choosing VCU. From my position now I must say that I'm very glad I chose VCU. I've heard some thing about gmu's program that I don't like and I think that the 12 months is just too accelerated for me. VCU is a fantastic hospital, the floors are very receptive to students and you have many many opportunities to perform skills. The nurses like teaching and the school is closely affiliated with the health system. It's a huge when you're at the same hospital for the whole program and it is very conducive as far as networking goes. The hospital also hires students as care partners(nurse aids) which is a great way to again network, practice skills and find a job. Richmond itself is going through a bit of a renaissance and is great town coming from NOVA myself. Good luck!

Thank you kaw5cv! I just have a quick follow up opinion question. My friend used to live in Richmond so I know the area pretty well and I grew up in DC. I know that after school is over I want to return to the DC area so do you think it matters where I go to school for that? I feel like I'd be better prepared at VCU but I'm concerned it might be more difficult to find employment back up in the DC area. Do most people in the program stay in the Richmond area? Thanks again!

I don't think so. Medstar Georgetown is one of the places I'll be applying to after graduation. Worst case scenario is you get a job here at VCU or Richmond in general and stick it out for a year and then you can go anywhere once you're no longer a "new grad." VCUHS definitely hires a lot of VCU Nursing students, especially if you're a care partner.

Also, quite a few nurses in the CRNA program or who are practicing in the OR (I work in the peri-operative department as a care partner) come from the hospital and several from the VCU BSN (trad or accelerated) programs. Coming from VCU will not hurt your application for sure.

Hi @Morjayne4, I know it's been a few years since you made this post. I'm currently in the exact same position now. I just made a post to get some perspective. I was curious to see if you could share your experience on where you ended up going and if you're glad you made that decision. I'm also from the NOVA area and GMU would be closer, but I feel like VCU would provide me with a better education in nursing. I'm happy to elaborate on some of my other concerns, but wanted to first see if you're still around for some advice!

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