VCU, UMB, vs. Pittsburgh: Need advice on decision


Hi, I received a call, informing me of my acceptance into the class of 2017. Anyone has any advice, experience, opinion to share? I would appreciate some feedback on these schools to help me make a decision. Thank you.

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To me, granted I do not know much about these schools, I would look at clinical experience and price. You can use COAs school search portal to learn a lot about these schools. Whether they offer the DNP or not and what they cost. Also, make sure you are able to do regionals, CVLs, and nerve blocks. Some schools offer a lot of training and others offer the minimum. Oh and just because you are going to a good name school does not mean you get the best education. One thing that comes to mind is that a lot of bigger university level hospital do not let SRNAs do CVLs and Epidurals due to the fact that residents and fellows are getting to do them. Going to a school where you do not have to compete for cases is certainly best, and also getting training to be a full service provider.


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May I ask you what your application stats were like? UMB and VCU are places I'm looking at. Did you apply to as well? From what I've been researching, VCU has the better program over Maryland. But that is from word of mouth.