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Vanguard University

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I'm Kadie, I'm currently a student in WA state and working on prerequisites to enter into nursing school around Fall 2019 (tbd).

Right out of high school I was planning to attend Vanguard University's Nursing School and go through their new BSN program but due to family issues, I decided to stay home and do my first 2 years around my home in WA.

I still am very interested in transfering to Vanguard in California but I was wondering if any of you have any advice or have experienced this specific school, I need help and some guidance.

I plan to get my BSN.

This is a little late, but the program is new. It started its second cohort this fall and the first is expected to graduate Spring 2020.

It really depends on what you want out of your education. Vanguard University is a Private Christian University and along with that they incorporate a lot more of the "how do you feel" into everything. Lots of class time is wasted on this based on personal accounts from my peers who are in the program.

Clinical sites are luck of the draw and depending on what is available. The program had some trouble starting due to the fact that other schools in the area fearing clinical site saturation. In order to mitigate this many of Vanguard University's clinicals are on evenings/weekends. Some hospitals are good, some students also have been placed in Skilled Nursing facilities for their clinical sites. This is terrible considering what you're paying for the education.

You're also required to attend chapel on-campus, which will be anywhere from 20-30 a semester depending on whether you live on or off campus.

There is a strong preference for current Vanguard students admission to the program, but as with any there are far more applicants than there are seats. Know also that you will be required to complete additional religion courses on top of your nursing curriculum to graduate from Vanguard.

For the price you're paying and given the move there are many other schools that you can apply to. The education at Vanguard's nursing program is still to be determined. The nursing program's staff has been a revolving door from the first to the second year.