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Vanderbilt vs Drexel PNP

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I am trying to decide between Vanderbilt University Primary PNP program and Drexel University Online Primary PNP program.

Vanderbilt is my number one choice but from what I can tell you have to travel to the university once a month, and I live 8 hours away. Online they make it seem like this program is great for people outside of the nashville area, then when you are admitted you get the real information. Is anyone part of this program that can give me some insight? is it truly do-able for someone as far away as i am? I should mention I'm admitted to the part time study program.

Drexel is my second choice because it is only 5 hours away from me and I have family in philly. Although, drexel is closer, it takes an additional year to complete and I am nervous that the program is not as good as Vanderbilt and that I will have difficulty passing boards or finding a job. Can anyone tell me, as a PNP, how much your employer looked at your school choice?

any insight anyone has is greatly appreciated!


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