Valley Health Spring 2023 New Grad Residency Program

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Wondering if anyone else applied to the New Grad residency Program at Valley and if they have heard back for interviews? The deadline was last Monday (11/14) and I know the holiday is coming up but I'm anxious to know when people will start hearing anything! Also anyone that has done the Valley residency - how is it? what is the schedule like? What was the interview process like? 


Hi, I completed the Valley medsurg residency two years ago! Our cohort was split into small groups with a unit residency coordinator (URC) for our initial training. You have the bulk of your orientation classes for the first week or so. We spent four weeks each on two different medsurg floors, and our schedule during that time was 8 hour shifts on weekdays with weekends off. We were then assigned a home unit and completed the rest of our orientation there (about 2 months). You might have a few more day shifts on your home unit and then switch to 12 hour night shifts after a week or so. During the program we had to complete an evidence-based practice project and present it to the other residents, you get plenty of time to work on it and it's not super hard.

I had a really great experience overall. My URC was amazing and the program does a really good job easing you into the transition from student to professional nurse. Overall, the staff is very friendly and helpful here, especially to the residents, I never felt intimidated and was welcomed in any unit I worked on.

I only had a phone interview with a manager on one of the medsurg units, she just asked me typical questions such as why nursing, what challenge do you think you'll face during the program, how do you handle stress/practice self care, favorite/least favorite clinical rotation, etc. The interview and/or program might be slightly different for you because mine took place during the height of the pandemic but it's the people here that really make it worthwhile to work and stay here for me. Best of luck and I'd be happy to answer any other questions about Valley!

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