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Valley Anesthesia Review worth it?


Anyone taken this review course? I want to do it, but I'll be out of pocket almost a grand :uhoh21: :uhoh3: after registration, memorymaster book, airline tickets and room. Is it worth it? Did you really find it helpful with boards? Thanks in advance.

I am still a ways from taking it, but from what everyone I know that has taken the course has told me, it is well worth the expense. The way I figure it, I will be $70,000+ in dept when I'm done, what's another grand! :chuckle

if you want to cut costs - between you and classmates - just one of you buy the book stuff and have it copied - it is less expensive that way - our program director is great - and copying it for us so we don't have to pay for it!

I took the course in Nov 2001 and I thought it was worth the expense.

Hope this helps,


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