Validation letter from CGFNS to PRC

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Almost everyday I check my order status online in CGFNS and hoping to see what Ive been waiting for quite a while. Its been 3months (not to add the months I applied until they sent the validation letter, 2 more months anyway) since cgfns informed me that they have sent the validation letter to PRC. I called PRC a week ago to follow it up, they said they havent received the letter yet. Phil postal service is unrealiable when it comes to regular mailing transaction.

Should i just sit and wait for another 3 months for the cgfns to report to NYSEd and then finally inform me what to do next. So I should assume it may take another month or two. Should I call the cgfns? Of course i cant tell them i called PRC.

We paid hundreds of dollars for the cgfns services and they cant be generous enough to use express delivery?

The best thing to do is really wait for PRC to receive the request from CGFNS. Our hands are tied because the transaction is strictly between the CGFNS and PRC. I'm in my 7th month for CVS and my PRC form just got in last week. So this process really needs a lot of patience.

So hang in there, Kababayan :)

kababayan, probably they have sent your form back to cgfns last thurs also. I called PRC today.

Finalleeeee!! haha

For people who are in the same boat. CGFNS knows if PRC receives the forms. They have the tracking number when they send validation forms&payment--- accdg to cgfns agent :)

So whenever you guys wanna call PRC let them know you know about it! :)

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