Valencia's LPN - RN AVS Info Request


Hi everyone!

I am doing that thing when you worry your butt off about something and search the internet for hours to read other people's experiences to try to make yourself feel better. I figured I would just sign up here and ask!

I just applied for Valencia's AVS LPN-RN program that starts January 2015. The deadline was 9/15/14. From what I gather it should take 6-8 weeks from that day before they email to let me know if I got in. Could anyone who has experience with this program let me know about long it took before you heard back?

Also, can you tell me if you think I will get in??? I know that no one can tell me for sure but I am hoping that someone who has been previously accepted maybe had criteria similar to mine. I have a 3.88 overall GPA (all "A's" in pre-reqs except one "B" in Micro), and 88% comp score on the TEAS. I added up my points based on their handout from the info session and I have 53 out of 59.

Last two things, for those that are in the program, or have been, did you get to choose where you complete your clinicals? If so, what were the options? Also, how many people ended up getting in?

Thanks everyone for reading this and for taking the time to share your knowledge with me and my overly worried brain.

I also applied for the bridge program. My points are a lot lower than yours, now I am kind of worried. I am doing the same thing that you are, searching for other people's stories. It is very disheartening, I really hope I get into the program. I'll update here if I get an email, let's hope we both get in :)


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It's great to hear from someone who is the same boat as me right now! Today marks 3 weeks since the deadline, so at least another 3 weeks to go, probably more, until we hear back. I will update here if I get an email, too!

I'm just telling myself I am worrying too much and I am going to think positive, for both of us! We are going to get in and I will see you at orientation!!:)

Thanks so much for replying to this!


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I have also applied to start Valencia's AVS Program for the January 2015 term. I applied last semester also, and did not get in. I have 5 years+ experience, too. I really think they look at GPA more than anything, and my GPA is good, but not as high as yours, Natasha. Last term we got the e-mail within 4 weeks, so if it is the same this term, then we should be hearing something any day now! Hopefully we will all get in and be able to start our journey to becoming RN's!


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Hi there!!! I got my acceptance letter this morning!! I am hoping you all received your good news today as well! :)

I am an alternate for Spring 2015, with guaranteed acceptance into the Summer 2015. I am really hoping that I get into Spring, but I was prepared to wait until Summer if needed. I am just excited that I was not flat out rejected. Congratulations to you!


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Thank you, and yes it is still good news that you are an alternate. Also that you have guaranteed acceptance to the Summer as a back up, and you wouldn't have to go through the dreadful waiting period again! I hope you are able to get in for spring though! Fingers crossed X X


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Hi! I am on the alternate for Spring 2015. Looks like we will be in the same class for Summer 2015 if there are no openings for Spring.


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Hello! I applied to the AVS program and have a 3.62 GPA and have 20+ years of LPN experience. I am hoping to get in and start Summer 2016. Any advice you all can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.