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Hey has anyone been through the RN program at Valencia in Orlando, FL? It is accredited through the ACEN and their nclex pass rate is in the 90th percentile.... how are the professors? Courseload? Do they teach you or is it a self taught program? How are clinicals? Thanks you!!

Nursing 1 is a very heavy work load. Exams from theory (chapters from the textbook) were basically independent study some chapters are reviewed in class but not always, you must pass dosage above 92 (each problem worth 4 points so you can only miss 2) there are several quizzes through the semester but the last you HAVE to pass, clinicals days are 10-12 hours, half days at a SNF/ALF then drive to school for Lab/Skills for the rest of the day (6:30am-12 then 1-6:30)

while the course is heavy there are adequate resources provided for help. They have a lot of tutoring/practice lab opportunities at both Osceola and West campus and you can schedule appts with professors and other nursing faculty for help.

So even though it’s heavy, your success is mostly dependent on time management and your schedule because they have the resources, you’ll just need to make time to utilize them.

The program accepts anyone who meets the minimum requirements so I’ve been told Nursing 1 is extra hard to weed out the weak and then it gets more organized and zoned in the following semesters.

Hope that helps!

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