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Do I need all of these books for Nursing I ? They gave this list at orientation. They were marked as optional books. The other 12 books in the list were required. I would buy these 8 books if I will really need them. I would appreciate all the help you would give me.

1. Fundamentals (Flash Cards) Phllips

2. Fundamentals Success, Nugent 3E

3. Nursing Fundamentals Reviews & Rationales Hogan

4. How to Survive and Maybe Even Love your Life As A Nurse, Dunham, K.S., 3rd Edition

5. Patho Phlash (Flash Cards), Leek

6. Pharmacology Study Guide 8E, Kee

7. Pharm Phlash (Flash Cards), Leek

8. Test Success-- Beginning Nursing Students, Nugent, 6th edition

Where can I buy them???? :nurse:


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I think the only required book for Nursing 1 is the Fundamentals book (and its companion workbook). Of the others listed above, numbers 2 and 8 are worth your time and money. Don't bother with the others. If anything, go together with some other students and share them. You just won't use them enough to justify the purchase. And you can't get your money back for optional books (so purchase carefully).