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Hey everyone. I have absolutely NO records for my childhood vaccinations (thanks Mom & Dad) and I need to know if anyone knows how to track these down. Otherwise, I need information on where to obtain the necessary vaccinations for the lowest price possible. I tried searching the forum, but it came up with stuff for other states. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry for the double post, I'm just trying to reach as many as possible.

If you got your vaccines here in Nevada you can go to the health district office and they can give you a copy of your records. It is really cheap I think I paid less than a dollar. If you have to get them again usually there is a company associated with the school that offers a discounted rate. Also, if you are working in the healthcare field now you can get Hep B and TB tests for free! Good luck hope this helps!

So I called the health and school districts, neither have any of my records. The health district offers pretty cheap immunizations, but ImmuVax (they do all of CSN's vaccination clinics) is the cheapest. The HepA shot is a bit more expensive, but the health district charges a $25 administrative fee for shots and that makes up much more than the difference is price. I'm going to get a titer for varicella because I know I've had chickenpox, and I am 75% sure I've gotten the full series of MMR before. For anyone else looking for cheap vaccinations, the number for ImmuVax is 702-870-1911. Thanks for the suggestions!

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