VA Palo Alto New Grad Oct. 2018

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Hello fellow nurses,

I wanted to see if any others are planning on applying to the VA Palo Alto Health System's new grad program that is slated to start in October 2018. I am hoping to land an ICU spot and wanted to share my anxiety with other hopefuls lol.

Hi! I applied to the psych unit. The job announcement says interviews should be completed by Aug 3... have you or anyone received any calls yet for an interview?

Hi! My application status says it has been referred to the hiring manager. No interview yet, hopefully next week. Good luck!

Same. Good luck to you as well! This week is super busy for me so I wish we at least knew which day external interviews are held haha

Nothing for me yet :-(, how about you?

I havent recieved anything yet either..

Had an interview with a panel of 4, it was alright not too hard questions. The new grad program sounds really intense, they rotate you throughout the units and it's actually a year long program. thoughts from anyone that's been through it?

It sounds like you did well on the interview! What unit did you apply for?

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