UW-Parkside Nursing Program/Process

U.S.A. Wisconsin


Hi everyone, 

I’m college student that recently finished all my pre-reqs for nursing. I applied to UW-Parkside’s nursing program and was wondering if anyone is able to tell me how the program is like. Also, I know that I have to go through an interview and complete an on-site essay at UW-Milwaukee. I was wondering how the interview process went like and the essay portion. For the interview, how many questions did they ask and what kind of questions did they ask? As for the on-site essay, what kind of essay was it? Was it a more scenario base essay that correlated with thinking like a nurse? How was it like?

If someone can please shine some light on this for me, I’ll greatly appreciate it so much.  Please share your thoughts and opinions on this. I’m really looking forward in what I need to do in order to get into the nursing program. 


Thank you! 

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