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Hi. I was wondering if anyone is in the regular BSN program at UW-Oshkosh and if you can share your experiences in it w/ me? Thanks. I am an out of state student and will probably be transferring in. I have almost all of the pre-nursing classes done so I should only have about a year to go before I can apply. But how hard was it to get it? What kind of GPA did you have? How was the test/interview prcoess? Can you have a lower GPA if you do well on the entrance test/interview? Thanks for your input.



I am a current student at UW-Oshkosh, and am entering my third semester in the program. I can honestly say that the entire experience has been exceptional, and would highly recommend that you pursue your nursing education here. It can be very competitive to get into the program, but that tends to depend upon the semester. If I remember correctly my nursing GPA was a 3.67 and there were people as low as 3.3 who were accepted. However, the semester before was much more difficult and I believe the minimum cutoff was nearly a 3.7, and the semester after I entered was roughly the same GPA level as my entrance year. As you can see it varies greatly and the best advice I can give you is to put your primary focus on the nursing prerequisites. Here is a link to the GPA calculation page (about the middle) http://www.uwosh.edu/colleges/con/undergrad/admission.php . The test that everyone is required to take (the name of it slips my memory) covers very basic information and should not present any great difficulty. The interview process presents a very good opportunity for you as an individual to shine. I cannot give you any of the specific questions asked but the advice I would give is to have a clear understanding in your mind why you want to be a nurse and do your best to give them a sense of what you will bring to the program. Finally, yes the UWO College of Nursing has moved towards a holistic approach so more things are taken into account upon application than just your GPA. The interview process and test scores do play a role, but also things like work experience in health care and volunteer hours can have a impact. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions you can reach me by email (grothj45@uwosh.edu) or phone (920-570-1120) feel free to call or text anytime after 12:00 noon.



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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I will not be attending UW-Oshkosh as I have decided to stay in Colorado for now. :( But everything happens for a reason. And I am glad to hear that I would have made a great choice. Good luck in your studies and life. :)



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Hi Josiah,

I am also trying to get into a nursing program and am considering moving back to the Oshkosh area (where my family is) to get in. Your post was very helpful! Thanks so much!

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