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UW Oshkosh ACCEL BSN 2010 cohort


Has anyone found out if they're in the May 2010 cohort?! I haven't yet and am very anxious! :anpom:

Good luck to all who applied!!

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For some reason the link to the other conversation seems to be broken! Did you hear any news?? I did receive an email, so I am happy! I hope you did too!!

:ancong!: I did too and I'm so very excited!!

if you have facebook, i made a group on there, that way we can get to know each other better!! YAY!!! :D

I am applying for Fall 2010. I'm from Michigan and also applying to three schools here(all accelerated BSN). My question is how difficult is it to get into this program?? What are the key things they look at??I know in Michigan, most schools are only accepting ~ 20-25 % of applicants. Because of the horrible job market, everyone and their mother wants to be a nurse(hopefully they actually want to help and care for people Also, how much of an issue is it to do this program out of state?? I guess you can do clinicals in your home area but there are mandatory on-campus things(three I believe??).

I am not sure how competitive my application would be since I have a 3.6 cumulative GPA in pre-reqs and just got my CNA through the American Red Cross. I also have volunteered at a hospital for the past year. My resume and letter of recommendation should be excellent.

In closing, any insight you can provide me on this program would be greatly appreciated. I actually just found out about this program today and will be very busy over the weekend getting my stuff ready. It looks like an awesome program and I'm excited about this opportunity. Thanks