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UW BSN or Highline ADN

by HoneyMelon HoneyMelon (New) New Student

Hi, I just was notified of my acceptance into UW's BSN program which should be very exciting, but I already started my online classes at Highline for their ADN program and have made some new friendships in my cohort. I know this extremely entitled, and I know I'm in a lucky/privileged position, but I waited three years to get into the ADN program for Highline as it's the most conveniently located and best financial option for me. I applied to UW because after waiting so long for Highline, I gave up and submitted applications for universities (all of which rejected me except UW). Then in February, as I'm preparing for the UW exam, I get accepted into Highline.

I just don't know what's right for me. I know my family would be so proud if I attend UW, but I'm not sure if the learning environment is best for me. However, everyone loves UW so there must be a reason it's top-ranked, right? I don't know anyone who attended or is attending UW, so I'm not sure what the teachers are like or whether they'll be able to work closely with me to succeed. I value a close relationship with my professors and peers. Does UW offer that?

Can anyone who's attended UW Seattle's BSN program or Highline's ADN program tell me their personal experience so I can compare and see which would be best for me?

AlissaTaylor13, CNA

Has 4 years experience.

My sister attended UW's BSN program and she loved it. She said that she was able to get a lot of one on one time with the professors. I also think it would be nice to be able to go straight for your BSN instead of needing to do a bridge program after an ADN program. Are you in your first quarter at Highline? I think it wouldn't be too bad to switch if you were still early in your Highline program. You would also have to think about housing which would be stressful because living near UW is expensive!