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UTMB Honors Program


Hello All,

My anatomy professor told me Friday about this program and I was wondering if anyone had more information about the process. My overall gpa is currently 3.846 with a 4.0 in all prereqs. I am hoping to take the TEAS at the very beginning of January.

Any information would be very welcome. Insight into the application process or your stats if you were accepted.

Have you heard anything about the honors program?? I got into utmb for fall and they encouraged me to apply for honors but I wanted to know more about it and how many people get in

They have a few videos posted about it now. But mostly it is an above and beyond and goes deep into serving the underserved populations/rural populations of Texas, from what I understand. They only have 10 spots for that program. Congratulations on getting in! I just got my early admission yesterday! Took a huge weight off, I was thinking maybe I miss read and didn't meet the qualifications. Excited to get started on this process...do you have a specialty that you want to focus on? Mine is NICU but being okay in Peds too.

Sorry for the very late reply lol i just saw your message! Thank you!! and congrats to you too!! Have you already applied to the Honors program? I'm soo nervous.. do you have any idea how the interview is going to be like? I know its very laid back for the regular interviews but I don"t know how honors program interviews are and I'm so scared lol Not sure where I want to specialize yet!

Hi everyone.

I was curious to know if anyone has heard anything about the honors program since the app was due. The application was due April 15th and Elena (the lady who we were supposed to send the app to) emailed me a week ago and said "I will get back to you soon with additional information", but I feel like soon is like a week or less and it's already been a week so I'm kinda freaking out..has anyone heard anything back besides what Elena sent me? Like maybe an interview request?


Nope got the same confirmation email. Im sure they are sorting through quite a few applicants, there are only 10 spots available.

Ohhh ok that makes sense, thanks for the info! I wasn't sure how many spots were available so yeah I guess it'll take some time for them to figure out who they want to interview

Just heard back from Elena..What are the odds!! My interview is May 11th..wish me luck!

Hey! That's great you got an interview!! How was it?

Has anyone been accepted to the honors program?