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Utica College online RN to BSN program


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Hi all, I just started this thread to hopefully hear from those who are familiar with the online RN to BSN program @ Utica College. I was recently accepted into the program and will start classes in Jan., but want to hear from anyone currently enrolled or any grads from the program. It seems like a very good program, the prices are reasonable, and there is no actual clinical component just "special projects." If anyone has :twocents: to throw in, please feel free to do so. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

Hi, I was wondering if you have started the program? How is it? What is the cost per credit hour? Will they accept out of state students?



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I will be starting the online RN to BSN program at Utica this May. They accepted 90 of my transfer credits, which means I only need to take 31 to graduate.From what I see on the site, tuition is 335 per credit plus 60 dollars per 3 credit course. So for me (i'm instate) it would be a little over a thousand per three credit course. I dont see why they wouldn't accept out of state students, and from what I saw on the website, it didn't say anything about out of state students paying more than instate.

Hi I am due to start there online rn to bsn program in August how do you like the program so far?

I am also starting Utica College RN to BSN. How are courses?

I am taking NUR 351 and GNT 101. What are you taking?

Thank you for replying. I am starting in Aug, not starting yet... Is it user-friendly? I am just taking one course. I don't know which one yet. Is it manageable for people with full time work?