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Utica College ABSN

by Treasure Smith Treasure Smith (New) New

Hi there nurse and future nurses. I’m hoping that someone who has either previously attended/graduated or is currently attending Utica Colleges Accelerated Nursing Program.(specifically Syracuse but still open to hearing from Florida attendees) I spoke with an admissions counselor today, and she was so nice & helpful and I loved everything she told me about the program and they’re one of my top choices at the moment. I have one course to retake to boost my pre-req GPA and she told me that I could be provisionally accepted. But then I decided to look up the reviews on the program and I’m shook! They’re all horrible and are the exact opposite of everything I was told about the community, resources, teachers, extra help etc. 
I obviously know in college you need to put the time into your work and a lot is self taught, like you can’t expect your teacher to walk you through it. But what is the online portion of the program like? I saw that the teachers don’t help, or post actual lectures. So I just wanted to hear some of your personal experiences and opinions on the program. What are the resources like, tutoring, office hours, testing, prep, administration, financial aid office etc. I want to know any and everything you have to say about this school. This is my dream and I just can’t afford to waste money or time.  Thank you for your help!☺️ 

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