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Utica College ABSN January 2021

by applepie0013 applepie0013 (New) New Student Pre-Student

Is anyone applying or has been accepted to the Utica ABSN program in Syracuse, NY for the January 2021 cohort?

My boyfriend applied. Have you heard back from them?

I applied. Got a call on Wednesday advising that I should have an answer by the beginning of the week.

My boyfriend got a call yesterday! He’s in! Good luck!

That's great! They offered me a provisional acceptance


Specializes in nursing. Has 2 years experience.


Anyone relocating from Long Island? I would be starting in May 2021

Hi! I’m currently looking to apply for Utica’s ABSN Fall 2021 program starting at the end of August. If anyone who is currently attending the program would be willing to chat, I would love to hear about your experience so far, your satisfaction with the program, and anything you wish you knew before starting. Thank you!