Who all is applying to the Health Science Center for Fall 2016? I just want to give a little advice when it comes to applying and submitting transcripts through NursingCas. I recently applied for the Spring 2016 and was determined ineligible for admission due to a transcript "missing". What was strange though, I had submitted everything well before the deadline, received the supplemental application from UTHSCSA after the deadline and did not receive any notice on any problems with my application or transcripts prior to the deadline.

It was not until a month after the deadline that I received an email saying that my application was undeliverable due to a missing transcript. The one transcript that was now "missing" was sent to them two times. When I called (waited on the phone for almost an hour) I was told they never received said transcript. When I asked them how could they even submit my application and take payment if they supposedly never even received the transcript, I received no answer. Also, the one transcript they did get is still being waiting to be verified after 5-6 months.

So my advice is to get working on that application as soon as possible. Especially work on getting those transcripts submitted NOW. I am now in the process of applying again and having that one transcript sent for the third time and will most likely be resubmitting the transcript they already have just in case.