UTHealth BSN to DNP Fall 2024

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Hello I haven't found a thread for fall 2024. I want to apply to the program but I'm missing the required statistic course for admission. I took a course back in 2017 but IDK if they would accept that. Anyone having a similar issue?? Or anyone that can recommend me a place where I can take a basic statistics course to satisfy the requirement?? Thank you!!

Sorry just to clarify this is for the AGACNP track, thanks

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HI. I haven't seen a thread for FNP but I know on the website they said they need courses within 5 years. so I would suggest finding a course @ a community college and starting from there. but I did my statistics in 2018 and it would have expired in 2023 but they still accepted me when I applied so just try. You got this!.

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