UTCHSA Spring 2021

by S_Ary27 S_Ary27 Member Student

Hello everyone! I have been looking for a forum for the University of Texas at San Antonio BSN Spring 2021 and have not found any. Therefore, I decided to create one! I submitted my application about three weeks ago. I am very nervous! Here are my stats (Feel free to share yours!), I will not be putting TEAS score as it has been waived for this term: I look forward to hearing from you!

Overall GPA: 3.76 Pre-Req: 3.65

Volunteer work: Lacking, only have a handful of it. I am a military spouse and move around a lot, plus work honestly takes A'LOT of my time.

P.S. UTSA is my number one choice as we are stationed closer to it. My second choice is UWF-Pensacola.