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UTA Spring 2021 AO BSN/ Does anyone knows what total point UTA needs?

by Luke Robertson Luke Robertson (New) New Student

I always wanted to apply to UTA nursing since 2018. But I didn't apply due to my GPA and hearing UTA nursing is so competitive from some of my friends who went UTA. So I gave up and became a Dental Assistant.

About a month ago, I went to the UTA website in order to apply and start a new degree. But I came across AO BSN and read their requirement. And I noticed they require "2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) in required prerequisites" so is this true or just misleading

Because I have Bs on A&P I & II, CHEM, and Microbiology prerequisite which is 3.0 GPA

I have a 2.9 overall GPA from my Associate Degree and 3.3 GPA from Dental Assistant certificate

And now am studying TEAS planning to take before June

So due to my low GPA, do you guys think I can at least be a candidate for the AO BSN program?

Does anyone know what can my total point be? or the total point is?

Thank You

I am applying for AO Spring 2021 as well. Do you know if you intend to apply for campus based or online? Because the competitiveness is different.

Yes, I do. I am applying online despite living less than 2 miles from UTA. I heard online is really competitive than campus based. But honestly my overall GPA is so low, my prereq GPA is low too, and I have just one consideration which is Dental Assistant and I am not sure if that will even count as consideration.

I’ll be applying for the Spring 2021 AOBSN as well. While the minimum is in fact 2.75 the program is very competitive and being honest that probably won’t get you in. However, if I were you I would not give up on your goal of being a Nurse. I would retake any courses you have a C in first and then my science courses to get your total points up. TTU also has an online BSN that’s completed in a year and it seems like to they don’t put as much emphasis on GPA.
Lastly, the certificate in dental assisting will not count as a consideration. Good luck and stay focused on your goal!