UT Health Houston DNP Fall 2021


Hello! I didn’t see a thread started for the DNP program at UTHSC-H starting in Fall 2021. I applied before the priority deadline, I thought interviews would be in Jan and decisions in Feb but haven’t heard anything yet.

Anyone else have any luck hearing anything so far?

Specializes in Labor and delivery. Has 5 years experience.

Hello! I had received an email in January but there were no available interview spots for me at the time (they were already full). Then I received another email in February around the time of the storm and I completely missed the email. It wasn't until I thought "I haven't heard from them in a while" and went back to look and saw the one for an invitation for an interview in February. I wasn't able to schedule myself for an interview until April, which I just did yesterday. Any updates on your interview and application?