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UT Health Houston DNP Fall 2021


Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner. Has 6 years experience.

Hello! I didn’t see a thread started for the DNP program at UTHSC-H starting in Fall 2021. I applied before the priority deadline, I thought interviews would be in Jan and decisions in Feb but haven’t heard anything yet.

Anyone else have any luck hearing anything so far?

raqball, BSN, RN

Specializes in Labor and delivery. Has 3 years experience.

Hello! I had received an email in January but there were no available interview spots for me at the time (they were already full). Then I received another email in February around the time of the storm and I completely missed the email. It wasn't until I thought "I haven't heard from them in a while" and went back to look and saw the one for an invitation for an interview in February. I wasn't able to schedule myself for an interview until April, which I just did yesterday. Any updates on your interview and application?