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UT Austin Nursing


Hello there!

My my name Trevor. I'm trying to reach out to any CURRENT UT Austin nursing students and receive their advice on my own personal stats and whether or not I have a chance for admissions in UT AUSTIN's program.

My cumulative GPA: 3.87

Science GPA: 4.0

I would be transferring from Austin community college. I have finished all of my prerequisites courses except for History 2 which I'm planning on taking in the spring. I have been volunteering in medical atmospheres as well as non medical events such as parades, picnics, or community outings. My medical volunteer list is at St Davids, was only there for a couple months and had around 48 hours of service. I also volunteered with ARC at their heart screenings they hold. I also have work experience in a Pharamacy, not working as a technician but working as a pharmacy care representative. I worked there for a couple months.

Overall i I wanted to hear some feedback or advice on my profile. I know UT Austin's nursing is very competitive and hard to get admitted into. I do think if there's one thing holding me back it is that I am coming from ACC, I'm not sure if they'd take the school would take their own students in first over external transfers.

Thanks again for anyone who takes the time to reads this and replies! I really appreciate any feedback or any response in general! I would also love for this thread to include anyone who aims for admission for Fall 2018 as well!