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UT arlington accelerated online FNP

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by Kat1018 Kat1018 (New) New Student

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Hi all. I got accepted into the Online FNP program at UT ARLINGTON and starting summer 2018

There are 2 start dates of May and July. Can anyone give me advice to when I should start given that I have an engagement I need to make end of June through first week of July? 

I’m not sure what to expect. Once the semester starts, are there a lot of things I need to do the first couple of weeks and therefore doing anything remotely when I’m traveling would be a terrible idea? 

Also, is anyone on the same shoes? Would anyone want to create a study group? I’m located in Austin, Texas 


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dee1012007 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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Hello, hope the program is working out well for you. I’m looking into applying as well, what advice would you give any student? AGNP program, how tough is it? I know everything is online, are the exams/test proctored? Is it difficult to find preceptors? Any inputs will help. Thanks a lot 

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