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USPHS and loan repayment

by angelulu angelulu (New) New


I will be graduating with my BSN in one year and plan to join the USPHS commissioned corps either immediately or after a year of working in my home state (Kansas).

My goal is to become a midwife and go through this schooling while I am working for the PHS. Frontier has an amazing distance learning program for Midwifery, so I think this will work out. I know that doing the Midwife program part time will allow me to continue to work full time for the first two years, however the last year while I am doing my clinicals, from what I have heard, I will not be able to work full time. Does the PHS allow for leave, paid or unpaid, for times like these? If I am working on a degree to better myself and become more valuable to the PHS, will they continue to pay my salary or a part of it?

My other question has to do with the loan repayment program the Indian Health Service has in place. Has anyone received this money? Was it difficult to get? After I have my Midwife degree, will they pay for the schooling even if it was a distance learning program?

I am familiar with their ranking system of facilities to determine who gets the loan repayment money, I just want to hear from someone who has received this money and hear their personal experience.

Any information will be appreciated and helpful.

Thank you!