USM (Maine) Accelerated BSN...Good Program?


Hi all,

I just found out that I have been accepted to USM's Accelerated BSN program and I am hoping to find out more about the program to decide if that's definitely where I want to go! If you are in the program now, or if you went there, would you mind sharing a little about the program? Specifically, I'm interested in knowing:

-How large is the accelerated class?

-What is retention like? (do most people who start end up graduating?)

-Is it overall a supportive environment?

-Do you get enough clinical experience? What is the quality of clinical experience like?

-Is the program well-respected in the area?

-I have heard that some schools won't allow you to sit for the NCLEX if they don't think they are going to pass. Is this true? If so, does USM do this? I think I will do fine in school and am hoping it won't be a problem, but it seems like something I should be aware of.

-finally...I am from California and have lived in Georgia for the past 5 I going to freeze to death in Maine? :)

And of course...anything else pertinent that I should consider. Thanks so much for your insights!


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I hope this message finds you well.

I saw a posting from you about USM's accelerated program. I received an acceptance letter...for May 2017. I'm wondering if would be willing to share some information with me about the program itself. Any information would be greatly appreciated?

Is the program doable? Are there people in the program and working? What is the dropout rate? Has anyone from your cohort dropped out? Do you get some time off? Housing in the area. Are the faculty members helpful? Are they interested in the students success?

What is first Semester's schedule like?

Could you please answer some of the questions that you raised?

It would also be nice to know what books will be used so that I can get ahead of the reading.