Using Temporary Practice Permit (TPP) as an RN Waiting for License by Endorsement

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Hi everyone! Not sure where to post this, or even who to ask, but just was wondering if anyone had any advice/has been through something similar. I've been trying to get through to the Board of Nursing for PA via phone, but haven't had much luck (and can't find anything on the website).

I recently graduated nursing school and obtained my RN license in NJ. I already have my license number through NJ, but am now looking to obtain my PA license as I live in the Philadelphia area. I have submitted for my licensure through endorsement in PA and am waiting for everything to be approved, however, two quick questions:

1. Am I able to have a Temporary Practice Permit (TPP) that will allow me to practice in PA until all of my paperwork has been reviewed and my license is endorsed in PA? I saw this option on my application, but wasn't sure if this is something I am eligible for as I am already a RN in another state (and not just a graduate nurse anymore). Honestly unsure of how this works! I've heard that if you are already a registered nurse, this is not a valid option, but again just hearsay.

2. When I receive my TPP, when filling out applications to work in PA, should I list "Yes" or "No" when it asks if I have a valid PA nursing license? I am unsure what the TPP means exactly. I know if I put "No" I may risk having my application not looked at, but am not sure if a TPP constitutes a valid license to practice. Many of the applications do not give you an option to explain, and therefore I am limited to saying "Yes" or "No."

Sorry if this question seems silly, just don't know much about this topic! Thanks in advance!

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