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Use of PPE for non-Covid patients.

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First of all, deepest gratitude to all of you on the front lines dealing with CoVid or PUI. I am so so so sorry that PPE is not available to you. It's unacceptable. May I ask about nurses who are not dealing with Covid or PUI (that we know of) like me. Are you using any type of PPE? My situation is that I am a 62 yo NP working in Hospital Employee Health, so we are trying to keep everyone healthy and fit. I see nurses for injuries and so of course we need to stay open and provide hands on care. I have asked about wearing a simple loop mask and was told NOPE. I am willing to bring in my own (I can get a cloth mask or maybe find loop mask online). I know I might sound like a wimp, but unfortunately I have heart issues and actually have a prior history or viral endocarditis - fully recovered thankfully. I want to protect myself. It seems so strange to social distance like a maniac outside of work, and then provide face to face hands on care 40 hours a week in an exam room and have a boss who rolls her eyes if I ask to wear a mask. At the moment I am sorta OK with this, but when things gets worse, basically anyone could have CoVid, especially my patients (nurses who are not being protected with PPE).

Once again, you all are complete and total heroes and thanks to all.

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