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Please read the following and call the numbers listed below. Thank you for your time and your support for the citizens of Eastern North Carolina.

North-Carolinians Opposed - to - the- Outlying Landing Field

National Network TV Campaign Alert

The Navy wants to build a new OLF (outlying landing field) next to Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge (PLNWR) in northeastern North Carolina. The OLF, if built, will be used for aircraft carrier touch-and-go practice by Super Hornet Jets. This will involve constant low-level flying at the site. The holding pattern for the OLF passes over PLNWR. The Navy projects over 31,000 operations a year. This refuge attracts thousands of large migratory birds (tundra swans and snow geese) that come from Alaska and northern Canada every year. The refuge and the surrounding farmlands are their primary wintering grounds. The proposed OLF will almost certainly destroy the refuge. The primary beneficiaries of this callous act will be property owners and land developers in Virginia where the current practice field is located.

Our coalition, over the past year, has attempted to interest broadcast news networks in our story. We have repeatedly raised the alarm. The response has been silence.

The future of Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and its interdependent web of smaller refuges, sanctuaries and protected areas are at stake. Likewise are the communities that help vitalize this web. It is important that every American citizen know the Navy's plan. The Navy's plan is to throw an OLF brick right through the middle of this jeweled orb.

You can help stop this act of vandalism in two ways:

1. Call or Fax the numbers provided below

2. Forward this e-mail to your friends and family across the country

We are providing you with telephone and FAX numbers for the five major networks. When you dial the number you will reach the network switchboard. When the operator answers, ask to speak with the president of the news division. You will be connected with an assistant who will receive your call.

Introduce yourself. Mention the call letters of your local network affiliate. Then ask one question: When will your network begin to cover the biggest environmental story in the country today - the Navy-OLF issue in North Carolina?

If you decide to send a Fax, make your comments brief and to the point. Ask the same question.

We will follow up on your calls and Faxes and help the networks to obtain the information they need.

We hope enough calls from around the country will tip the scales and prompt their attention.

15 minutes of your time can make the difference.

CBS - (212) 975-4321

CBS: (212) 975-1893 (fax)

NBC - (212) 664-4444

NBC: (201) 583-5453 (fax)

ABC - (212) 456-7777

ABC: (212) 456-2795 (fax)

FOX - (212) 301-3000

CNN - (404) 827-1500

Remember to send this message to your friends around the country.

Thank you.

Group Leaders Please Forward

The Albemarle Community Network

P.O. Box 701

Edenton NC 27932-0701

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