Upstate New York Operating Room RNs Hourly Wage?

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Hello everyone,

I'm an Operating Room BSN, RN currently working at a medical center in Portland, OR, who is contemplating moving to upstate NY (Rochester, Syracuse, or surrounding areas/towns). Half my family is in Ithaca, NY, and they're very likely to stay in that area with their chosen career. Thus, I'm thinking about moving there to keep the family together. I have the understanding already that nurses in other states generally have lower hourly wages compared to Oregon/west coast, but I would like to know the exact difference so I can weigh my pros and cons.

I've been trying to look on my own and researching, but tbh it's been tough finding out hourly wage rates for NY state RNs that are not in NYC. In Oregon, our union (ONA) has our nursing contracts viewable online to the public so it's very easy to see what each union-represented hospital has for nurses in hourly wages. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I have not had any luck in seeing how much OR nurses would earn in hourly wage in Upstate NY.

Are there any Operating Room nurses who work in Upstate NY (specifically Syracuse or Rochester, but surrounding towns would work as well), who would feel comfortable talking about their hourly wage rate & how many years of experience they have?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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