UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing Fall 2020


Specializes in Long-term care; geriatrics. Has 2 years experience.

Hello everyone!

Anyone attending UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing this upcoming Fall of 2020 full-time? I just moved from San Jose, California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was looking for ways to get to know my new cohort/fellow classmates, hehe. 😁

I tried looking at the facebook group for the school, but doesn’t seem like a place where people really communicate..

Anyway! I got my LVN/LPN license back in California, but haven’t exactly got endorsed to practice in Pennsylvania. 😅

I gotta say though, working in long-term care during night shift was pretty chill.. too chill.. It’s true they say if you don’t use it, you lose it! I worked as a LVN/LPN for 10 months before moving into Pittsburgh, so yeee, hoping to get back into the game and hopefully brush up on some nursing skills I haven’t/rarely used.. In addition I really need the refresher, LOL.

Hope someone from my future cohort sees this, haha! Maybe we can all get to know each other before school starts? Oh yeah, we’re in a pandemic.. no idea on the situation if school is gonna be virtual, in-person, or both.. 😰

Oh well, either way it’s still nice to get to know people. 🙂


Wonder how everything’s gonna be.. oh well, until then!! 😆