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UPENN vs Rutgers CRNA

by zee3412 zee3412 (New) New

Hello everyone!

i understand this topic has been tossed around a few times, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinion concerning these two schools.

I have already been been accepted to upenn crna program and I recently received an interview for rutgers crna. Both start at the same time and both will be DNP.

If You had to choose... Which one would you choose? I have been back and forth for months. UPENN is obviously upenn... It offers an amazing clinical and didactic experience. But it is also around 45k a year.

rutgers is also an exceptional program... They have great clinical sites as well. It's close to home for me so I can stay home. And it will only cost 70k total.

im a firm believer that the type of clinician you become all depends on the work you put in regardless of the school. We all take the same boards at the end.

However, I still can't seem to decide. Regardless what school I go to... I'm going to put in all the work and become the best clinician I can be, but I would like some input .

how is the training at upenn vs rutgers?

does the name of the university you go to give you an edge in the future? (Ex. If you want to be chief one day or obtain a job in a big name hospital)?

should I keep it simple and think of it as 200k in student loans (upenn+living) vs 70k in loans (rutgers, live at home)

thank you so much for your opinions!

Also I wanted to add...(this is a Big determining factor). How many current students or recent graduates felt they were ready to run their own rooms before they graduated?

How many PNBs, central line insertions, fiber optic intubations did you get to perform during your time in upenn or rutgers?

the school I would eventually like to attend will be the school that allows me to have frequent exposure to many of these procedures.. And heads and hearts.

Do you feel that the school you went to provided enough exposure?

Ive seen the stats on both. But they were all from the info sessions. I would like to hear from current or past students!

Thank you!