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Hi everyone! I hope everyone's application is going well. I have not seen a forum for this upcoming cycle and wanted to create this so we can all discuss about the application process 🙂


Hey there! I am also applying to UPENN'S accelerated BSN-MSN. Do you by chance know if we are filing the FAFSA as an undergraduate or graduate student?

Does anyone have any idea when they will release decisions?


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On 1/10/2021 at 6:29 PM, icedmatchalatte said:

Does anyone have any idea when they will release decisions?

Hi! They release decisions early February - from the threads that I have read on previous years, I would say around Feb 6th - 10th.

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I sent an email to the program director for peds acute care-oncology to ask about interviews (occurring vs not occurring), and I just received an email that they are sending formal invitations to applicants this week. She said tomorrow they will be sending quite a few.


I am not sure if this is just for peds acute-oncology, peds acute, peds in general, or all NP programs, but just wanted to share regardless 


Decisions are posted on portal! They didn't email but it's updated!