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UPENN ABSN Program, is it worth it?

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As I’ve been recently accepted to UPenn’s 18 mo accelerated nursing program. The cost of the program has been extremely daunting. Though this is my dream school, I’ve also been accepted to Thomas Jefferson University for their 2 year accelerated program. Penn’s program cost about 125 grand while TJU cost about 42 grand.
I’m looking to ask any nurses or students who have completed or are currently in UPenn’s program to comment on if it is really worth the financial burden?

Were you accepted for fact 2 2021!?

This is late but maybe it'll help future people--Penn's program is better than Jefferson's. But unless you come from money or get significant financial aid, then no ABSN program is worth what Penn charges. That's a HUGE amount of money.

(This is coming from someone who's graduating from Penn's program tomorrow. I wouldn't have gone here if I hadn't been awarded a lot of aid.)

As a Penn ABSN/MSN alum I thought I would weigh in on this question - the answer is yes and no.  I was very happy with the education I received at Penn through the ABSN program and I felt more than well-prepared to enter clinical practice. Having said that, this was some years ago when ABSN students qualified for the university endowment, something that is unfortunately no longer the case. At the end of the day, any decent nursing program (including Jefferson, Drexel, Villanova) will get you where you need to be to enter practice, and there is nothing magical about Penn.  Jefferson has an excellent program, so both options are fantastic - it's really a personal decision.  Something that does bother me is when I see students choose Penn and then spend the next 18 months complaining about the expense, as if it were a surprise or they expected the experience to be so far superior.  Whatever you choose, bring a positive attitude and commit yourself to learning as much as possible from your mentors.  You have an amazing career ahead!