Updated: My personal Gurnick experience

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This should be my last post regarding Gurnick. Enough is enough. :-)

I finally made it down to this place. This is my accounting of my experiences with Gurnick Academy of the Medical Arts:

1.) Wouldn't tell me much on the phone. Unprofessional.

2.) Took an hour long "entrance exam". Very remedial stuff.

3.) Had to tell them to give me a tour, which was a very short walk down a hallway. She didn't describe anything. They didn't show me any equipment and told me that I couldn't go into some of the rooms. My 1st apartment was bigger than this place.

4.) Gave me a list of things to do, like... add Gurnick to FAFSA, write letter of intent, send away for h.s. transcripts (which cost me $27 online). They told me call them "right away" to let them know that I did all of that. There was only a few spots open to get into the program (ya right).

5.) I called to let them know I had did everything... I never got a call back. Called again today, there was no record of my previous calls, and a different girl asked me how I was going to pay for the pre-req class. I said that I assummed that financial aid was covering it. She laughed and said no. I'd have to make TWO payments of $800 in Nov., then in Dec. or take out a private loan (which requires great credit or a co-borrower).

I said no thanks and hung up. I then took them off my FAFSA and now I'm writing this. Gurnick is a classic "for-profit" school with seriously bad customer service. The employees need to be trained better or at least act like they give a ****.

So, I'm back to the traditional way, finishing-up my pre-reqs then getting my RN from Modesto Jr. College or CSU Stanislaus. I KNOW I can afford them.

It's too bad, really. I wanted to work in the field while working toward my RN. Oh well, guess I'll cross off LVN.

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