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Hello! I have an interview in 2 weeks at a hospital in Illinois. I am a new grad (graduated in march) and this interview is for a position in labor and delivery. I was just wondering if it is appropriate to ask about pay at my interview, and what is the polite way of asking? If anyone has any good interview tips feel free to share as well! thanks! :)


Definitely don't ask about pay, benefits, etc. HR may or may not address these things in your interview with them, but if not it will be discussed prior to, or when you are made an offer. As for other interview tips, if you do a search of the forums, you will find plenty. Good luck with your interview!

Thanks! I wasn't really sure since I haven't really interviewed before. I definitely will not ask about it during the interview. After you interview, and say they offer me the job, how long do I have before I have to tell them that I accept or reject the offer?

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Like it was stated above, don't ask about pay, benefits, and such during the interview. I was just interviewed for a position in Labor and Delivery last week and just got the job today! When she called she told me my pay rate, the differentials, etc. We would go over benefits during Orientation starting Monday and the rest of the information needed. Not sure about the answer to how long you have to accept or decline a job offer, but I took the job immediately since it is in the specialty I dearly wanted/loved to work in and it's not so easy to find a job in general in this market as a new grad (especially around certain areas).

Wow congratulations!! thats so exciting. I have always wanted to do labor and delivery as well so *fingers crossed* :)

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Thanks! I hope the interview goes well for you! Good luck. Update the thread!

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