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i came upon this news and i am very much interested.:heartbeat:heartbeat

"the division of nursing education and training (dnet) of the university of the philippines - philippine general hospital (up-pgh) announces their 8th clinical nursing enhancement program (cnet).

the 4-month (august 24 to december 4, 2009) training program is open for registered nurses who have limited and/or not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years."



and since there is a training fee of 5thousand pesos, i was wondering if this would be worth it? or would i just wait for the hospitals with free trainings to have a slot for me? :clown: anyway i am hoping someone working pgh would enlighten us with this.. and if this would become an advantage if there would (miraculously!) be an staff nurse hiring at pgh.

thank you...!! all opinions are welcome and would be highly appreciated.. :nurse::nurse:

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