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Unsupportive manager. It is getting ridiculous.

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I work in a hospital as an RN. Pretty much every time when I bring some situation or concern to my manager it turns against me. I feel like for some reason she sides with others, and a problem is always in me.

For example, recently one of my pt's needed to use BSC. A CNA was in the corner charting. I very politely asked her if she could help the pt to the BSC. She said that she needs to chart because she will have to float to another unit. (She had to float at 7pm, and I asked for her help at 5pm). I haven't yet heard that charting supersedes the patient care. Regardless, I didn't insist on her help and went to help the pt myself. It didn't matter that I had several patients waiting for pain and nausea meds. I am not even mentioning charting: it is a luxury to have the time for that.

The manager spoke with that CNA, and the CNA told her: "Every time when M. asks me for help, I feel the she needs it immediately, and I dont' have a choice but to help her".

I am wondering which one of the healthcare workers has choice to help a patient or not when a he/she needs something immediately, such as to use a bedpan or get back to bed from BSC? I would love to have such choice: "Do I feel like helping the patient or like finishing my charting?".

The manager said to me: "How exactly did you ask for help? Did you say "please"? Did you ask if she had the time? Did you ask if she had time to help you at that moment?". I suppose I have to dance on my tippitoes around a CNA when I need to ask her to perform her essential duty.

It is in RN's job description: magically finding the time is a must. It doesn't apply to that CNA.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against CNAs. I work with many wonderful CNAs that don't even need to be asked for help. They are always there when a patient needs help, and they have wonderful attitude.

Usually the ones who don't like to get off a chair are the ones who complain about RNs "being bossy".

The manager shows no understanding of my side. She hasn't worked on floor as an RN for at least 5 years, and I think she has read too many books about communication. Her response to me tells me that she sees the situation as my communication problem. As if I didn't ask the CNA softly enough, and it made her feel rushed and that she had no choice.

I am a soft spoken person, and I never ever tell anyone to do something. I always ask politely. Yet I am getting these long lectures from my manager how I need to says "please" and "thank you". It is getting ridiculous and annoying. Has anyone had similar experience. Please, share.


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