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does anyone know if there are awhon or naacog standards for staffing an ob unit?

i work in a maternal/child unit which means that it is all combined. we have 2 hospitals now(same corp) and the original is less busy than the new. the administration has just come thru with new staffing guidlines which we feel are unsafe. i need input from as many people as possible.



Yes there are standard guidelines for staffing all areas of maternal child. You can find them in the American Academy of Pediatrics and ACOG published book entitled

something like " Guidelines for Perinatal care". AWHOON has reprinted them in their publications of the standards of care. You can also see these on their web pages. For PP the suggestions are 1:4-6 stable patients and 1:3-4 for couplet care. For acuities such as post op or immediate postpartum, the ratio is less pts/nurse--and don't quote me but I think it is 1:3. Labor pts is based upon the stage of labor and what we are doing to them--such as epidurals, pitocin which is 1:1-2. NSTs are 1:2-3, active labor 1:2. Deliveries 1:1 or 2:1. Just look for the book. It may have another title but it adresses staffing very clearly and AWHOON also describe it. Good searching and I wish I had the books here to help you. I will look at work and return with the actual titles as soon as I can.

Hope this helps you start. Try your medical library. Staffing is critical and flexibility is a must.

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