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Unsafe Assignments In The ICU

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I've been a new grad nurse in the CVICU for 1 year now. Lately, the unit has been absolutely crazy busy with some of the sickest patients I've ever seen. Last week I had a patient go asystole. Once the patient was resuscitated, I was told I was getting an admit from the ER in Afib RVR. Seemed as if this assignment wasn't great considering I had a patient code earlier needed to go to CT and had just transported a patient out. This week, I had an IABP that is supposed to be 1:1 nurse to patient. I get an admit that was life flighted and is crashing and am trying to stabilize the patient all with very little help from anyone. Today I had a patient with an Impella pump. Another type of patient that is supposed to be a 1:1 nurse to patient. I get an admit who is post arrest from another floor in addition to the patient with the Impella! These patients are so high acuity and it's as if these assignments aren't matching that. I'm running my tail off all night not charting a thing until after my shift is over and not leaving the unit until 2+ hours after the shift is finished. Anyone else experience assignments such as these? Thoughts on whether they are manageable or safe?

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