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I am a pre-nursing student at Edmund's CC in my freshman year. I graduated high school in 2009 and took some time to explore the work force before taking a nursing assistant class and working as a CNA for about six months. I am now going to school full-time and working part-time as a administrative assistant at a medical facility and actively seeking a volunteer opportunity at a local hospital. I was reading somewhere online that UW requires a foreign language to be accepted into their nursing program. Is this true? Do transfer students still have this as a requirement? Can anybody give me some insider info here? Thanks!


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The UW does have a language requirement. Did you take a language in high schoo? Two years of a language in high school will satisfy the requirement, or two quarters of college language class. It is an university admission requirement for all students.


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You may want to post future inquiries about WA schools in the Washington section, rather than in the General Nursing Student section. You will probably get more answers.

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For admission the to the university itself, UW requires 2 years of high school level foreign language, or 2 quarters of college level foreign language. For most majors foreign language through the 103 level is required in order to graduate with an undergraduate degree. The 103 level requirement is waived for students in the school of nursing. If you are non-native English speaker or a native English speaker who went to school through grade 7 in a non-English speaking country this could also satisfy the requirement.

This information is part of the required "college academic distribution requirements" for admission. Information found here: College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR) | University of Washington

If you really need to get the language requirement in and can't take multiple quarters I recommend the summer-intensive programs at UW. You don't need to be a matriculated student to apply. These courses are exceedingly intensive, however if you are a dedicated student and/or good with language they are manageable. These intensive classes are offered for a variety of languages and cover all material from 101-103 in one quarter.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think that I can tweak my future plan a little to meet the language requirement while working toward my DTA. I was planing on taking philosophy but I guess instead I could take Spanish?