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University of Washington ABSN 2017

Hey guys,

I just applied to the University of Washington's absn program this past october. Didn't see a topic on here about that so thought of starting one..

Have any of you gone through the process or applied to the program and do you know when we find out if we got in or not and how? Thanks


Hi! I applied as well! I read a thread from last year's class and they received phone calls around December 15th, but I don't know if they're making calls this year. I was told only email. Crossing fingers!!

I know The wait is making me nervous. Did you receive a confirmation email after the proctored essay of whether they received the application we handed in and were reviewing it...I didn't and I guess that's one of the things that I'm worried about.

im also wondering how many other people applied this year...

I did not receive an email confirmation. I only have that piece of paper they gave me when I turned in my application. And 208 applied to the program (as stated during the proctored essay), and there are 48 spots available :) ahh!! I'm nervous !


We are hoping to get decision notifications out by tomorrow, 12/16!

If you don't hear anything by Monday, send us an email at sonsas@uw.edu as there may be an issue with your contact information.



I swear I'm not looking at my email every 20 seconds! Anyone hear anything yet?

Hi Adrian,

Do you know when there will be updates available for the wait list?


I just got my latest offer forms back, so an update will come out today.




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