What are clinicals like - I am trying to decide on a university

  1. I am considering UTA's online BSN program or WGUs online BSN program. However, when I spoke with a nursing adviser at UTA for the online program, she told me that "you don't miss clinicals!" I certainly would not intentionally miss a clinical, however if I am sick am I suppose to go anyway - wouldn't this put patients at risk??? What if there is a family emergency, for instance I have 3 elderly relatives? I know I will be sick a few times over the course of 15 months...what do I do? I do not want to go into an impossible situation for me to complete and waste time as well as money - if I am going to fail because I NEED to miss a clinical that cannot be made up. So I am curious what this is about. All the adviser would say over and over again is, "you just don't miss a clinical!" Is this true, have any of you all missed a clinical and allowed to make it up?

    Also, I am concerned that 15 months may be too overwhelming for me as I am not a high energy person to begin with - I am working on changing that, but I know that nursing school is going to be hard for me! I know I will struggle with energy. So, I want to work within my limitations.

    So, how many hours will I need to devote to studies per week at UTA along with clinical? Are clinicals every single weekend or is there a break here and there? How much more intense is this program compared to a traditional program?

    The thing I don't like about WGUs program is that you must enter the preclinical program for 6 months with no guarantee of entering the nursing program. So either way, I will need to take extra classes that will not apply to certain universities...

    I would really appreciate any input regarding the clinicals at UTA and what they are like in the accelerated program!

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